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GUAゆいまーる宣言 – 日本語

GUA Yuimaru Statement

The Global Uchinānchu Alliance (GUA) is a network led autonomously by and for overseas Uchinānchu (Okinawans) defined as those with ancestral roots indigenous to the Ryukyu Archipelago. GUA seeks to protect the natural treasures and cultural heritage of the Ryukyus while empowering the Uchinānchu people.

GUA supports the aspirations of the Uchinānchu people for demilitarization of our land, air, and waters. In particular we seek to protect the pristine coral reef, which is the home of the endangered dugong, at Oura Bay, Henoko, from the offshore construction of a new US Marine Corps air station. Much as the government had forcefully pushed through the construction of six new U.S. military base helipads in Takae in Higashi Village, we are outraged that the government has continued to ignore Okinawan popular opinion.

Far from being anti-American or anti-Japanese, we value Okinawa’s historical embrace of diversity, as seen by the racially and culturally mixed communities at home and globally throughout the diaspora. Hence, our concern here stems from a culture that respects others, and likewise demands that the U.S. and Japanese governments respect the democratic will of the Okinawan people who oppose the construction of a new base in Henoko.

Precisely because we are transnational, we are alert to the politics of “passing the buck,” in which the U.S. treats Okinawa as a domestic problem internal to Japan, while Japan sacrifices Okinawa for the U.S.-Japan security system. We demand accountability from American and Japanese citizens for the military base concentration in the Ryukyu Archipelago. We are outraged that Okinawa hosts 70% of the U.S. military bases in Japan, even though it comprises only 0.6% of the total state territory. Furthermore, these U.S. bases are a hindrance to the Okinawan economy as they only contribute about 5% to the gross prefectural income while the U.S. military bases take up as much as 15% of the land in the Okinawa main island. We are concerned with the daily threat to public safety and health that the concentration of military forces poses, and we seek to open up dialogue and reconsider the ability of the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty to constitute genuine peace.

Okinawa has historically existed as the Ryukyu Kingdom until it was invaded and unilaterally annexed by the Japanese state in 1879. Due to our ancestral ties to the Ryukyu Archipelago, we have been able to maintain a rich love (chimugukuru) for life in the Ryukyus that continues to connect us across generations and geography. Moreover, descendants with ancestral ties are honor-bound with a sukubun, an ancestral indebtedness, to sustain a sense of genuine human security that ends war as a threat to Okinawa, having experienced the sacrifice of over a quarter of the Uchinānchu in Okinawa during World War II.  We encourage all diasporic Uchinānchu and their allies to support Okinawa by applying pressure to both the U.S. and the Japanese governments to terminate these new base construction plans, to immediately return Futenma air base to civilian control, and to honor the democratic will of the Uchinānchu people for demilitarization and peace.


グローバル・うちなんちゅ同盟 (GUA) は、海外に居住するうちなんちゅ(沖縄人)や琉球諸島にルーツを持つ者たちが主体となり、うちなんちゅと共に力をあわせて琉球諸島の自然と文化遺産を守るために結成したネットワークである。